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Lodging Solutions:
The owners of Carriageway Travel also own three of the most desired group tour hotels in the French Quarter; the Place d'Armes Hotel (just off Jackson Square), and the Hotel St. Marie and Prince Conti Hotels, both located just off Bourbon Street. With complimentary champagne receptions and orientations on arrival, as well as complimentary continental breakfast each morning, these three hotels offer the best value for group tours in the area.
  • The Hotel St. Marie is a 100 room hotel with a lovely courtyard and swimming pool located just off Bourbon Street. Guest rooms are spacious and well-appointed, most with private balconies overlooking the courtyard or the streetfront areas. It is close enough to Bourbon Street to be exciting, but far enough to be very quiet.
  • The Place d'Armes Hotel is a 83 room hotels in the very best location at Jackson Square. With the most beautiful and historic courtyard, pool and patio area in the entire French Quarter, the Place d'Armes has been a favorite group tour hotel location for over 25 years.
  • The Prince Conti is a 74 room hotel just off of world famous Bourbon Street. This is a deluxe property, which is the home of The Bombay Club - New Orleans' newest "Very British" restaurant and bar. The Prince is a Prince among inns, and is a fabulous location for any visit.
  • Hotel Selection in New Orleans

    The French Quarter is the most historic area in all of New Orleans - it being the original City - as it was founded in 1718. The Spanish and French architecture, the Mississippi River, famous restaurants and nightclubs, art galleries, and bawdy Bourbon Street make the French Quarter THE place to stay in New Orleans.
    Choosing a French Quarter Hotel location also helps your tour to be much more exciting and successful. From the front steps of your hotel, your clients can easily walk to all of the major points of interest, not requiring transportation at all. A myriad of choices abound in the French Quarter for shopping, dining, entertainment, and just plain people watching.

    Selecting New Orleans Hotels
    Knowing the New Orleans hotel community and how it operates is important in selecting your host hotel. Room rates vary greatly depending on many factors, among them the season of year, day of week, special events, and citywide occupancy. The City has very definite "seasons". The Spring months (Mar/Apr/May) and the Fall months (Sep/Oct/Nov) are the "high season" months. The Winter months (Dec/Jan/Feb) and the Summer months (Jun/Jul/Aug) are the "low season months".

    Hotels in New Orleans can generally be separated into two major types, large convention hotels, and smaller leisure market hotels. As a rule, the French Quarter hotels cater to tour groups and leisure market visitors. Central Business district hotels cater to large meeting and convention hotels and are busiest on weekdays.

    Carriageway Travel knows each hotel, its strengths and weaknesses, its commitment to leisure tour group business, and the personnel who will service the tour on site. Deposit and prepayment policies can make dealing with hotels a difficult or impossible matter. Carriageway Travel is a stable operator with a proven track record in New Orleans for many years. The most sensible and comfortable deposit/prepayment policies are afforded to Carriageway - and passed on to you. Choosing the right hotel, in the right season, with the right arrival day pattern will make significant differences in the availability you find, in the rates you are quoted, in the prepayment/deposit requirements stipulated, and in the service you receive on site.

    It is a rather complicated arena. You need to know the players and the hotels. Let Carriageway guide you to the right selection.

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